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In a world torn apart by division and strife, Clean Speech Colorado brings timeless lessons of Jewish mindful speech to communities across North America. Our 30-day education and awareness campaigns unite communities in making real and lasting improvements in the way we speak to build a more positive, respectful and peaceful world.

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Press Colorado Jewish communities come together for Clean Speech campaign

Since Hamas’ first attack on Israel on Oct. 7, the news has been flooded with reports of tragedy. More than 1,400 people — mostly civilians killed during the Hamas incursion — have died in Israel.

Press November Clean Speech Campaign: Mindful Speech to Unite and Heal

Starting November 1, members of Jewish communities across North America are invited to participate in the “Clean Speech Challenge.”

Press Despite bitter divisions, communities band together for mindful speech

In major cities across North America and amid stark and persistent political divisions, a new movement is catching on, bent on toning down the vitriol that saturates social media, divides communities, disrupts friendships and even upends family get-togethers. The goal: to turn even political disagreements into respectful, constructive interactions.

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are contaminating our relationships and social environment. Clean Speech is taking a stand to bring the wisdom of Jewish mindful speech to communities around the globe and unite us with words of respect, peace and love.

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