Clean Speech began in Colorado in 2019 with the mission of uniting Jewish communities across North America in improving the dynamics of human relationships through Jewish mindful speech.

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The Jewish Experience

Clean Speech is powered by The Jewish Experience. For almost two decades, The Jewish Experience has provided education, inspiration, and community connection for thousands of families across the spectrum of Jews in Colorado. Our cadre of dynamic, respected educators provides a myriad of creative channels for people to experience the joy and wisdom of a rich, fulfilling Jewish life. Through classes, events, holiday celebrations, and social gatherings, our constituents of all ages and backgrounds learn more about themselves and their unique role in the Jewish People.

Rabbi Raphael Leban

For almost two decades, Rabbi Raphael Leban’s warmth, wit and wisdom have made him a beloved teacher of Torah with a devoted following of students from across the Denver community. Originally from Virginia, Rabbi Leban learned Torah at the Mir Yeshiva in Israel and received Rabbinic Ordination from Rabbi Z.N. Goldberg of the Jerusalem Beis Din. He is the author of Torah Today, a popular series of comments on the weekly parsha (portion). As managing director of The Jewish Experience, Rabbi Leban develops outreach and community programs, and co-shleps the organization to greatness along with Rabbi Ahron Wasserman. Allegedly one of the world’s most extreme skiing rabbis, Rabbi Leban now prefers the quiet life with his wife Ita and their three children, perfecting his cholent recipe in the relative safety of their home. Right around dawn you can find him teaching the daily Daf Yomi Talmud class at Merkaz Torah.

Rabbi Elliot Mathias

Elliot Mathias, Chief Operating Officer, is the former Aish New York Executive Director and founder and CEO of Hasbara Fellowships. A program he created while studying at Aish in Jerusalem, Hasbara Fellowships grew under his leadership to become one of the premier campus Israel advocacy organizations in North America, training and supporting thousands of students to stand up for Israel. While in that role, Rabbi Mathias also helped launch and expand Aish’s presence on University campuses across North America, hiring and placing young and inspiring Jewish educators on various campuses.

Rabbi Mathias has also served as the Chair of the Community Relations Committee of the Metro-West Jewish Federation. Rabbi Mathias has taken on the COO role to bring AishVision2030 to life, mobilizing the cooperation and collaboration of our branches, affiliates, and partners all around the world.

Rabbi Saj Freiberg

Rabbi Saj Freiberg has over twenty years experience creating engaging Jewish educational programs and teaching Jewish ideas to mostly secular audiences.  He grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in a proudly Jewish, but nominally observant household.   After graduating with a BA in English Literature from Oberlin College, Saj continued to pursue his dream of becoming an actor in New York – performing in TV commercials and voice-overs, and, of course, waiting tables.  He discovered Torah in his early twenties (from many wonderful teachers, including Aish Rabbis!) and moved to Jerusalem to study full time at Machon Shlomo followed by Kollel Beis David, eventually receiving his Rabbinical Ordination from Rav Zalman Nechemia Golderg.  After teaching and directing campus outreach programs at UM, FIU, and Nova Southeastern, he has returned to his beloved Manhattan with his wife Hadassah and three children to help build Aish New York’s Jewish Wisdom Society.  His passion is trandsencing the religious/secular divide by revealing that Torah is not religious dogma, but rather an invitation to live the richest, fullest, and most meaningful life possible.


Alexandra Feingold

Alexandra Feingold is very excited to be leading the Clean Speech Manhattan campaign. She is passionate about spreading inspirational Jewish wisdom and is thrilled to have recently joined the Aish team! She grew up on Long Island and studied at Binghamton University. She recently returned from studying in Jerusalem. She has big hopes for this campaign to sensitize New Yorkers to the power of their speech and create a more mindful, uplifting, community.  

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